Monday, 8 March 2010

Oscars 2010

So another awards season is over and what have we learnt?

Baftas are still favouring british actors,directors etc rather than talent. Oscars are way too political and favour the smaller film than the bigger ones.

It seems the biggest winner (awards wise) this year is definatly the Hurt Locker with 9 Oscar Nomination and Winning 6. Avatar on the other hand Got nominated for 9 Oscars and won a dissapointing 3. Other winners on the night were Jeff Bridges after 4 previous nomination he has finally won, Sandra Bullock on her first ever nomination wins and Christoph Waltz won in his first ever English speaking role and first ever oscar nom.

I believe that oscars are way too political and need to start rewarding actors for their role rather than their career and stop shying away from films that dont conform the usual stlye of the oscars. George Lucas has never won best director even though he made the greatest triology of all time. Tarentino has never won best director even though he has made some of the greatest films of all time. Christopher Nolan wasn't nominated for best director last year and neither was "The Dark Knight" for best film even though it was the most commercially and critically acclaimed film of the year.

It just seems that the oscars are just there now to improve the box office and DVD sales of films, with 10 noms for best film this year it means more films can now have the Oscar label on their DVD front cover.


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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Animal Cruelty

Just had a conversation about animal cruelty with my parents which linked into my vegatarianism and how experimenting on animals should stop. It just got me thinking about my future and how I could help animals. Ive joind the mailing list for PETA  UK, which means they'll let me know when there are political rallies near me so i can help. We can all help and it isn't hard, I personally can't live comfortably being a vegetarian but not doing anything else to help, lets hope in the near future this can stop.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

John Butler Ocean

It seems his music has the ability to touch the soul and realax you completely. 

First Entry

Introduction is something that is not needed as I believe you can see me in whatever eyes you want as I do more post but this first post is of my film short film review of the film Jackie Brown. Films are a passion of mine and I see myself as very knowledgeable in the field of film. I feel they are a great way to lose yourself in another world and sometimes (if powerful enough) they can inspire you to do good in the world ans help open youreyes to the problems in the world like "Milk" for example is a great film in helping the close minded people in te world to see the homosexual people in this world as people rather than outcasts and helps you apprreciate that love should not only be between men and women.

Well heres the review

A great script including brilliant dialogue is what Tarentino has built his career on and "Jackie Brown" is no differant. The script is clever and intruiguing with twists and turns keeping you glued to your seat with a strong and tyical Tarentino narrative and a great set of charachters who are completely sureal and extremely flawed, the dialogue is snappy and structured very well. Acting is brilliant due to great casting by Tarentino whos films always are an emsemble cast rather than having a stand out leading role, Jackson and De Niro are a great pair delivering their lines brilliantly and having a believable friendship built on their criminal lifestyle which could be seen as their hubris, Pam Grier also embodying her charachter with grace with a mysterious and dangerous side. The soundtrack is another key element in Tarentino films and yet again he employes a varied soundtrack giving many layers to each scene. Thematically the film runs strong as well with there being a lack of cops in the streets dealing with gun crime shows how the gangs and criminals run the streets making Jacksons charachter more unlikabe as you see him as a provider for the young criminals. Finally but certainly not least impressive the visuals: The costume design is worth mentioning for the attire of Samuel L Jacksons charachter and De Niros showing the differance in charachter and attitudes with De Niro by using the cliches of the genre but still keeping originality through dialogue and their actions, Cinematography is excellant and helps immerse you in the surroundings and empathise with the charatchers and represent how society affects people. The long takes and slow directing style is a good way to built suspense and anticipation for what is going to happen next which has been seen before in "Pulp Fiction" & "Reseviour Dogs" along with the signature trunk shot looking up at the charachters from the trunk. Overall its a very neat films hitting all the right notes in all the right order in typicall Tarentino fashion but doesnt hit the notes as boldly as "Pulp Fiction" or "Reseviour Dogs" but is still a fascinating watch and a must see for all Tarentino fans

Take it easy

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